The most common issue: In most pages you MUST enter a quantity in the qty box, even if you are ordering only one item. If you do not enter a quantity, the item will not be added to your cart.

Secure socket layer (SSL) problems

If you get an error message after you have already verified your order, just when you click on "submit order" (either 500: Internal Server Error or "The page cannot be displayed), chances are you are using and old version of Internet Explorer and never downloaded the patch to fix this flaw. Go to and use keywords security and secure socket layer to find the update or just upgrade your browser.

Cookies problems

If you get the message "can't add items to my cart" or get the error "Sorry, all requests involving the cart need to come from the site's pages directly. This prevents accidental charges to cart contents. The current cart contents are displayed below", check all possible causes listed below. If after going through the checklist you still have a problem placing your order, please e-mail and we will call you or call us at (877)788-0884 between 10am and 7pm Pacific time, we will be happy to assist and to get your order over the phone.

Like most web business, we use cookies to record session information, such as items that you add to your order.  Cookies are small files placed on your hard drive, we do not store any personal information in these cookies and they expire at the end of each session. Their only purpose is to keep track of the items in your cart. All other information gathered on this site is only for the purpose of filling your order.  You may refuse or block any of our cookies if you desire. If you do not allow cookies, you will not be able to add any items to your order.

Enable Cookies
INTERNET EXPLORER 6 - From the top toolbar go to Tools - Internet Options. Click on the "Privacy" tab, select the "Advanced" button. Check the checkbox Checkbox for "Override automatic cookie handling". The checkbox Checkbox for "Always allow session cookies" must be checked, and the "First-party cookies" radio button must be selected. Click on OK and OK to exit Internet Options. Test.
INTERNET EXPLORER 5 - From the top Toolbar go to Tools - Internet Options - Security. Click on Custom Level. Scroll down to find the checkboxes Checkbox for cookies. Check both boxes and exit Internet Options. Test.
NETSCAPE NAVIGATOR 7 - From the top Toolbar go to Edit - Preferences - Privacy & Security - Cookies. Make your selections and exit Preferences. Test.
MOZILLA 1 - From the top Toolbar go to Edit - Preferences - Privacy & Security - Cookies. Make your selections and exit Preferences. Test.
OPERA 7 - From the top Toolbar go to File - Quick Preferences. Make sure the Radio Button for "Accept pop-up" windows is selected and the checkbox Checkbox for "Enable cookies" is checked. Test.


If you are using Norton Internet Security, you need to change your settings to the following in Norton: Go to Options, Internet Options, Advanced Options, Privacy, and change the Referrer box to Permit. This should fix the problems you are having.

If you are using a firewall. It will be necessary to set your "Cookie Control" to off. On Zone Alarm Pro, for example, it can be accessed by clicking on the "Privacy" tab.