Taste of Florence - Sapori di Firenze


Paolo and Brenda Landini in San Gimignano - Carnival 1987

       MY CONCEPT...

            ...since the beginning has been to assemble a distinctive portfolio of workshops from Tuscany and Umbria  with  one  main goal: to bring you the finest selection at the best possible price.

I work constantly with the workshops to expand the variety of our products, to satisfy custom orders and to improve our competitive advantage. While we are still a young company, I am proud of what we have achieved and I look forward to a new expansion of lines and to new ways to save you money.

I was born in the heart of Florence, maybe that�s the reason why I don�t overemphasize my Italian roots. I  just strive to run my business in the same way I did when I was in Florence, with complete integrity.

I will not invent romantic stories about our products, I will not strategically place Italian words in this site to sell our products: every item reflects authentic Italian craftsmanship and speaks for itself.

Plain and simple, my commitment is to bring you these products at the best possible price. Why overpay?

I have too much respect for my customers, myself and my heritage to do business any other way.

          Thank you,



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