Figura Classica (Classic) dinnerware

Made in Deruta

This design was born as a custom design for a very discerning customer. Until that time, it was only used as a border for Antonio e Carlo beautiful portrait plates, just click here to see how great these plates are. Afterward, Antonio e Carlo began producing it and called it "Gubbio"... we continue to call it Figura Classica.

Just like all the other designs it is dishwasher safe and meets or exceeds FDA standards.

This design can be purchased using the options provided below the picture. We are offering some great discounts for sets, please note that such discounts may be available only for a limited time.

You can select flat or scalloped rim!



Set of four 3pcs Place Settings (4 dinner plates+4 pasta bowls+4 salad plates)

 $ 899   Qty:

Set of eight 3pcs Place Settings (8 dinner plates+8 pasta bowls+8 salad plates

 $ 1759  Qty:

Set of twelve 3pcs Place Settings (12 dinner plates+12 pasta bowls+12 salad plates)

 $ 2590  Qty:

Set for eight including serving pieces and mugs. The set includes 8 dinner plates, 8 pasta bowls, 8 salad plates, 8 mugs, one 17" and 1 15" Oval tray, one 10" and one 12" serving bowls.

 $ 2590  Qty:

Complete set for twelve. The set includes 12 dinner plates, 12 pasta bowls, 12 salad plates, 6 mugs, 6 teacups and saucer, one 17" and 1 15" Oval tray, one 10" and one 12" serving bowls.

 $ 3550  Qty:

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