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Ricco Dinnerware

Made in Deruta

The Ricco Deruta design can be considered the "twin design" of the Raffaellesco. The patterns are very similar and can be easily mixed-and-matched.

This design also originates from a fresco made by a Renaissance master, "Il Perugino" created the frescoes containing the dominant motif of this pattern. If you travel to Italy you will be able to see them in the "Logge del Cambio" in Perugia.  Deruta majolica artists later adapted the motif to the ceramic art.

It is dishwasher safe and meets or exceeds FDA standards.

You can choose between flat rim or scalloped edge!

This page is only for dinnerware sets. All other pieces in this design can be purchased individually following this link HERE.

11.25" Dinner plate in Ricco Deruta              $ 64.90 each  Qty:

10" Pasta/soup bowl in Ricco Deruta           $ 59.90 each  Qty:

9" Salad plate in Ricco Deruta                       $ 54.90 each  Qty:


Set of four 3pcs Place Settings (4 dinner plates+4 pasta bowls+4 salad plates) 

$ 699   Qty:

Set of eight 3pcs Place Settings (8 dinner plates+8 pasta bowls+8 salad plates)

$ 1349  Qty:

Set of twelve 3pcs Place Settings (12 dinner plates+12 pasta bowls+12 salad plates)

$ 1950  Qty:

Set for eight including serving pieces and mugs. The set includes 8 dinner plates, 8 pasta bowls, 8 salad plates, 8 mugs, one 17" and 1 15" Oval tray, one 10" and one 12" serving bowls.

$ 1950  Qty:

Complete set for twelve. The set includes a total of 52 pieces: 12 dinner plates, 12 pasta bowls, 12 salad plates, 6 mugs, 6 teacups and saucer, one 17" and 1 15" Oval tray, one 10" and one 12" serving bowls.

$ 2790  Qty:

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